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Are you looking for PESCO duplicate bill for June? Look no further, provides an easy & free solution to check PESCO online bill. Alternatively, if you live in Multan division, you can check mepco bill online at You can access your fesco duplicate bill at

Simply enter your 14-digit reference number in the above form to check or download the duplicate copy of your PESCO bill.

Your 14-digit reference number is printed on your PESCO bill as shown in the below picture.
pesco online bill check 14 digit

Receive PESCO Web Bill As An Email

Receive your PESCO bill in your email inbox through If you want to save your bill copy for later use, you can get a duplicate copy of your PESCO bill.

You can also subscribe to Monthly Bill Subscription.

So, enter your reference number, email and select bill type to receive your bill copy in your inbox.

Instantly Receive Bill As an email
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If you want to calculate your electricity bill, please try our PESCO Bill Calculator.

How to Check Bill Payment Status

You can easily check your previous pesco bill payment status with just a few clicks. Simply visit the PESCO Bill History to access your last 12 months’ bill information.

This involves information like the amount due on your bill, the payment status (amount paid), and the units of consumption for each month. Refer to the image provided below for guidance on how to review your bill payment status and other essential billing details. Stay well-informed and effortlessly handle your bills through

pesco payment status

Note: You can only check your previous 12 months’ bill information through this. For current bill payment status, please use any banking application.

About PESCO Bill

PESCO  (Peshawar Electric Supply Company)  was created in 1958 through WAPDA Act, 1958. PESCO is in charge of distributing electricity to more than 4.4 million consumers across all administrative districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The company is dedicated to improving the electricity distribution infrastructure, minimizing power losses, and enhancing the overall consumer experience. PESCO’s services include meter reading, PITC Bill, and addressing consumer inquiries and complaints. Through its online platforms, consumers can access their electricity bills, payment history, and other related information.

Receive PESCO Bill As SMS

PITC also share bill information to its consumer through mobile SMS. So, you can check your pesco bill through SMS as well. To receive your bill information as SMS, just Type ‘pitc<space><14 digit reference number>’ and send it to 8334.

How to check and print PESCO Bill Online

The arrival of the hard copy of the WAPDA electricity bill just a day or two before the due date has been noted. This often creates difficulty in meeting the payment deadline, necessitating a late surcharge when paying after the due date.

However, this scenario has changed. Your PESCO bill is now accessible online a bit earlier. Through, you have the convenience of examining your electricity bill digitally. Moreover, you can opt to download or print a copy of the bill for your payment purposes.

Now, let us guide you on how you can use this tool.

  • To check your PESCO duplicate bill, just enter your 14-digit reference number without any space in the above form.
  • Click the check bill button to check your bill.
  • To download or print your bill, click on the print button or press Ctrl+p.
  • Select ‘save as PDF’ from the destination dropdown If you want to save the bill as PDF.
  • Select the attached printer and click on the print button If you want to print your bill.
There is no difference between orignal and duplicate copy

Areas Under PESCO:

PESCO is responsible to distribute energy to 8 cricles of KPK. If you live in any of the following listed area then you are a PESCO consumer.

BANNU CircleHAZARA Circle-1HAZARA Circle-2
SWABI CircleSWAT Circle

Tips To reduce your Electricity Bill

Are you tired of paying high electricity bills? If so, these guidelines will help you cut your bill significantly.

  • Diminish excess lighting.
  • Opt for fluorescent bulbs over traditional ones.
  • Limit usage of high-energy-consuming appliances like air conditioners, electric heaters, water pumps, microwaves, and washing machines.
  • Restrict electricity usage during the period from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Maintain the air conditioner thermostat at 26 degrees consistently.
  • Employ energy-efficient machinery within industrial settings.
  • Ensure the use of high-quality wiring cables.
  • Disconnect chargers once mobile devices are fully charged.
  • Consider the installation of Time of Use (TOU) or Time of Day (TOD) meters.

Install TOU/TOD meter  

TOU/TOD meters offer variable rates per unit for peak and off-peak hours. Consequently, curtailing energy consumption during peak hours can lead to reduced bills. If your current meter isn’t TOU/TOD enabled, you can apply for an upgrade by submitting an application through your relevant subdivision

PESCO Peak Hours are as follows:
December to February5 pm to 9 pm
March to May6 pm to 10 pm
June to August7 pm to 11 pm
September to November6 pm to 10 pm
PESCO Peak hours

Safety Guidelines By PESCO

In today’s world, electricity has become an integral part of our lives. However, its careless use can pose serious dangers. Even a small oversight can lead to tragic outcomes. It’s of utmost importance to adhere to safety protocols to prevent any unfortunate incidents. Hence, kindly follow these safety guidelines provided by PESCO:

  • If you come across a fallen power line, promptly report it to the nearest complaint center. You can also reach out to the PESCO helpline at 061-9220169.
  • Refrain from using power cables as makeshift clotheslines.
  • Avoid tethering animals to electricity poles.
  • Prioritize the use of high-quality cables for wiring purposes.
  • Employ a three-pin plug for all categories of electrical appliances.
  • Swiftly address any exposed wires by repairing them.
  • In the unfortunate event of someone being exposed to electricity, employ a wooden rod to free them from the source.
  • Never touch an electric appliance with wet hands or while wearing damp clothing.

Customer Complaint Management System

The Ministry of Energy has developed an online system called Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS). It’s a 24/7 available online desk. it can be used to register a complaint, track your complaint, track pesco new connection requests and see the details of your feeder like load shedding schedule.

Customer Complaint Management System

Check Load Shedding Schedule

Electricity load-shedding has become a major problem for Pakistan especially when it is not announced. People have to suffer a lot because all our work requires electricity. 

But now you can see the schedule of load shedding of your city, feeder, and grid station. You can even find the load-shedding schedule by entering your 14-digit reference number.  Following are the steps to use CCMS for checking the load-shedding schedule.

  • Visit the CCMS site. 
  • Click on feeder details.
  • In the search bar, enter your 14-digit reference number and click the search button. You‘ll find the complete schedule of load shedding of your feeder. The ‘OFF’ against the time indicates that the feeder will be off during that time.
  • If you want to search by city or grid station, then click click on ‘search by city, gird, feeder’ and enter the respective details to proceed.

Register and Track Complaints 

You can also register a complaint against PESCO at CCMS. You will also be able to track your complaint using the same system.  If you want to register a complaint, then these are the steps.

  1. Visit the CCMS site. 
  2. Click on the Register Complaint.
  3. You have to verify that you are a registered PESCO consumer. You can verify that either by your registered mobile number or your 14-digit reference number. Select the search criteria. i.e mobile number or reference number
  4. Enter your mobile number or reference number based on your selection in step 3. 
  5. If you are a registered PESCO consumer, your details will be retrieved in the Customer info section
  6. Enter your complaint in Complaint Detail Section. 
  7. Click the Register Complaint button and that’s it.
  8. To track your complaint, click on ‘Track by Reference’ from the navigation bar.
  9. Enter your reference number and click the search button. You will be shown the status of your complaint.

Your complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours and the investigation will be started. Your complaint will be resolved within 14 days.

Extension Of Due Date Of PESCO Bill

Sometimes, you might not be able to pay your PESCO bill on time and end up having to pay extra as a late surcharge because of that.

But if you don’t want to pay that extra money, you can ask for more time to pay. Only a few PESCO officers can give you extra time to pay

Here are the details of PESCO officers whom you can contact to extend your due date.

  • AMO (Assistant Manager Operation) can extend the due date by 3 days for bills upto R.s 10,000 
  • DMO (Deputy Manager Operation)  can extend the due date by 3 days for bills upto R.s 25,000 
  • MO (Manager Operation) can extend the due date by 5 days for bills upto R.s 200,000
  • CE/CSD (Chief Engineer/ Customer Services Director) can extend the due date by 5 days for bills upto R.s 500,000
  • CEO (chief executive officer) can extend the due date by 10 days for any amount of the bill.

PESCO Bill Installment Procedure

The cost of electricity is going up frequently, and many people are concerned about the expensive electricity bills. If you don’t pay your bill, your electricity could be turned off. However, sometimes the bill is so big that you can’t pay all at once. That’s why PESCO now lets you pay in smaller parts over time. This means you can split your bill into smaller payments and manage it better..

Here are the details of PESCO officers whom you can contact to apply for installments.

  • AMO (Assistant Manager Operation) can allow 3 installments for bills up to Rs 10,000 for running connection and up to Rs 20,000 for disconnected connection. 
  • DMO (Deputy Manager Operation)  can allow 3 installments for bills up to Rs 2,00,000 for running connection and up to Rs 100,000 for disconnected connection.  
  • MO (Manager Operation) can allow 4 installments for bills up to Rs 2,00,000 for running connection and up to Rs 5,00,000 for disconnected connection. 
  • CE/CSD (Chief Engineer/ Customer Services Director) can allow 12 installments for running connection and 6 installments for disconnected connection for bills up to Rs.10,00,000. 
  • CEO (chief executive officer) : Full Powers.

Taxes In PESCO Bill

Apart from high electricity rates, you also pay many taxes on your PESCO bill. The detail of taxes is as follows:


Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is decided by Nepra based on the difference in fuel prices and generation mix. If the fuel cost in a specific month is more than the reference cost, then an average amount is added to the bill of all consumers. If the fuel cost is less than the reference cost then an average amount is subtracted from the bill of all consumers.

F.C. Surcharge

The Financing Cost Surcharge is applicable to all consumers at the rate of 43 paise per unit. The collection of the Financing Cost Surcharge is used in the repayment of the loans. 


Rs.35 is added to your PESCO bill to generate funds for Pakistan Television(PTV).


QUARTERLY  TARIFF ADJUSTMENT is not applied every month but usually every 3 months


17% of the cost of electricity is added to your bill as General sales tax (GST).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

I don’t have an old PESCO bill, how can I find my reference number to check the bill?

Your reference number is the same on all your old bills. You can find your reference number through any of your old bills. If you don’t have any old bills then you can check your reference number through CCMS by entering your registered mobile number.

I have not received my bill, what to do now?

You can check your bill online at

how can I apply for bill correction?

PESCO have established Customer Care Centres at all Sub Division, Division, Circle and HQ level, which are facilitating the consumer’s requests of correction of wrong bills .

PESCO Bill check by CNIC?

No, you can’t check the bill with your CNIC number. You need your reference number or consumer Id to check your bill online.

What is PESCO Online bill check 14 digit?

It means you can check your PESCO online bill using your 14 digit reference number

how can I get my old PESCO bill?

Your last 12 months bill history is printed on your latest bill. You can see your old bills history by visiting PESCO bill history